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burial OPTIONS

We consider it a great honor to reverently care for the final resting places of those who have passed on. And for those that are left behind, we know that great comfort can come from having a beautiful place of remembrance to visit and reflect. Union Dale offers a variety of memorial options that will best reflect you and your loved one's wishes.


a place of remembrance is very important

Cremation Burial

As traditions change, families and individuals are choosing cremation burial over in-ground interment. But having a place of remembrance in a cemetery—where future generations can visit—is still very important to many. Union Dale offers cremation-specific grave sites and above-ground inurnment in a private or public Columbarium for cremated remains. To help provide closure, many people also choose to have a committal service at the cemetery when a loved one is cremated.

Cremation Placement SITES

The Memorial Walk

The Memorial Walk is an elegant cremation placement option. Special spaces were created using contrasting colors of brick during the recent renovation of an historic walkway. Each space has a concrete vault with two compartments; each compartment is designed to accommodate the cremated remains of one person. The space includes a color matched granite memorial. The inscription is created and paid by the family.


Cremation Garden

The cremation garden is a picturesque area surrounding The Columbarium at Union Dale. Each grave has a concrete vault with two compartments, each designed to accommodate the cremated remains of one person. The concrete vault also economically serves as the foundation for a headstone or marker supplied by the family. Graves are designated by the cemetery for a headstone or a flush marker of prescribed dimension; however, the top surface is engraved at the family’s choice.


Private Columbarium Grave Space

Select grave spaces in the cemetery have been designated for use with private columbaria. Designed to meet our size and material limits but to your personal tastes, private columbaria can be erected on these grave sites. The limit of two cremations per each grave applies.


The Columbarium at Union Dale

The Columbarium is an above-ground place of repose for cremated remains for a limited term during which recovery is quick, easy, and inexpensive. The surroundings are dignified and very affordable. Each cremation is carefully sealed in its own container and clearly identified. The site is a perfect temporary placement for those considering other options. After two years, the cremated remains may be relocated below ground at the cemetery's discretion. The relocation below ground involves no additional charge and the placement can be considered to be permanent. After relocation, recovery remains possible. Memorialization is available.


Standard Grave Space

According to Union Dale regulations, a grave may hold up to two cremations, or one cremation and one traditional interment. Only one headstone is permitted per grave.


Graves for Cremation

Certain sites in the cemetery are designated for cremation burial. These sites are limited to two cremation interments but sell at prices lower than a standard grave. In some cases, only flush memorials are permitted.



The grounds at Union Dale Cemetery are beautiful and meticulously managed in order to provide a peaceful final resting place—and to offer a comforting setting for those who visit. When a family has chosen traditional burial, we work closely with the funeral director to arrange graveside services. Our team will discuss all available options for the interment process, so we can meet your needs. 

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