The list below is composed of persons interred in Union Dale, brought to our attention over many years. Some, whose names are easily recognized, are notable on a grand scale, while some were significant locally or played an important role in Allegheny City. We continue to enjoy many wonderful stories brought to us from many sources, adding to this work in progress. Links in bold have more information about them which you may see by clicking.

In Division One

Philotus Dean - Principal of Pittsburgh Central High School
Robert Fairman - Cabinet/casket maker, funeral director, and a founder of Mt. Union Cemetery (now Union Dale)
Colomb Gengembre - French architect, artist, and engineer - designed Allegheny City Hall
Albert Buell Hay - Civil War Major, co-founder of the Union Veteran Legion
Charles Kirschler - Last mayor of Allegheny, deputy Mayor of Pittsburgh
John McClurg - Pres. of James McClurg & Company, cracker bakers & confectioners (the factory is now the D.L. Clark Co. Bldg.)
Thomas Megraw - Mayor of Allegheny 1878-1881
Robert Bruce Mowry, MD - A leader in the founding of Allegheny General Hospital
David Navarro - P.T. Barnum's "Illinois Giant Boy"
Hezekiah Nixon - Mayor of Allegheny 1844-1845. builder of first rolling-mill in Allegheny
John E. Parke - Author of "Historical Gleanings of Allegheny" published in 1886
John T. Pressly - Prominent cleric in Allegheny City
Jacob Stuckrath - Mayor of Allegheny 1858
Francis Torrance - Early Officer of American-Standard Corporation
Dr. C. Jane Vincent - First female physician in Allegheny City
Reverend George Carothers Vincent - Leader of the founders and first presiding officer of Westminster College

In Division Two

Colonel James Andrews - noted mason, bridge builder and businessman
William Bullock
- Inventor of the web rotary press
John W. Barr - Noted Pittsburgh architect.
Andrew Bayne - Member of The Constitutional Convention of 1837-38 and Sheriff of Allegheny County
Thomas McKee Bayne - Civil War Colonel, US Congressman, Pittsburg Press Publisher
Mary Junkin Buchanan Cowley - Educator and early kindergarten and playground advocate
Cruikshank Family - Manufacturers of jellies and preserves
Charles W. Dahlinger - Noted Pittsburgh historian, author, lawyer, and politician
James J. Davis - Secretary of Labor under Presidents Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover, US Senator
Hance M. Dunlap - Riverboat Captain, school board member, businessman, a founder of Mt. Union Cemetery (now Union Dale)
Helen D. English - Librarian - Pennsylvania Division of The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
John Adams Gilleland - Civil War Veteran, Businessman, Allegheny City Postmaster
Nettie Gordon - "Queen of the North Side underworld"
Charles Geyer - Mayor of Allegheny
Lt. Friend W. Jenkins - Died aboard the USS Maine
Lt. Wallace Kappel Jr. - Golf champion
William J. Kappel - Founder and chairman of Busch Jewelry Co of NY and chairman of Kappel Jewelry of Pittsburgh
Robert Liddell - Mayor of Pittsburgh 1878-1881
Ralph C. Minehart - The Father of Pennsylvania DeMolay
Edward Morris - Known as "Cannonball" - major league baseball player
John R. Murphy - Mayor of Allegheny 1901
William C. McCarthy - Known as "Roaring Bill", mayor of Pittsburgh 1866-1868, 1875-1878
George Ellsworth Smith - Horseplayer known as "Pittsburg Phil"
John M. Titzel - Engineer and businessman
Louis A. Thiel - Founder of Thiel College
David T. Watson - Noted attorney and philanthropist, founder of the Watson Institute.
G.W. Wolf - WWI submarine commander, steel executive
James G.Wyman - Four-time mayor of Allegheny

In Division Three

Armstrong Family - Metal fabricators
Benjamin F. Bain - Patent holder and manufacturer of Wolverine mechanical toys
Brack Marcus Barr - Tuskegee Airman
Ernest R. Braun - Baker - Founder of the "Town Talk" bread label
Gene Bricker - Singer - The Marcels (the original group)
Henry Buhl, Jr. - Department store owner, philanthropist (Buhl Foundation)
Maurice E. Carlisle - Two-time mayor of Ben Avon, Union Dale officer
Robert J. Corbett - US Congressman 1939-1941, 1945-1971
David F. Creighton - Architect and mechanical engineer - known for "terrace" housing in Gary, IN
Lieutenant -Colonel Levi Bird Duff - Civil War officer and District Attorney of Allegheny County
Levi Bird Duff - Civil Engineer - supervised the construction of ten major bridges
Thomas D. Evans - Noted Pittsburgh architect
Hugh S. Fleming - Two time mayor of Allegheny City and a co-founder of Allegheny General Hospital
Edward W. Gwinner - Contractor, baseball team owner
Frederick Gwinner, Sr. - Stagecoach operator, contractor, banker
Allen Johnson - Singer - The Marcels (successor group)
C. Carl Kleinschmidt, Sr. - President of Pearson Manufacturing
C. Carl Kleinschmidt, Jr. - CEO of Williams and Company, Union Dale officer
Gottlieb Luty - Medal of Honor recipient 1876
Walter L. Main - Traveling circus operator
Edward "Eppie" Miller - All-Star major league shortstop
Henry Russell Miller - Attorney, author, publisher
Louis McCord - Magician known as "Silent Mora"
Jerome "Jerry" Nachman - Award winning journalist, , broadcaster, editor-in-chief, executive
Thomas W. Pomeroy, Jr. - Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
Josephine Hunter Potter - Author
William M. Rimmel - Newspaper writer and author
Robert C. Russell - Inventor of Russell Soundex System for indexing of records
Elmer Ellsworth Smith - Major league baseball player - Pittsburgh Pirates
Edward Swartwood - Major league player - Pittsburgh Alleghenys
W. F. Trimble Family - Contractors - Heinz Chapel at the University of Pittsburgh & Buhl Planetarium
Jacob C. and Rudolph G. Volkwein - Music store proprietors
Henry J. Volz - Musician, Composer, Conductor - co-founder of Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
William Henry Walker - Actor and Theatre Manager known as Harry Williams
E. Sydney Youden - 1893 World's Fair horticulturist, Supt. of parks for Allegheny City, Union Dale Supt.