Flowers, Wreaths & Headstones

How Can I Place an Order?

Union Dale Cemetery provides all lots and graves with general care at no extra cost. You may enhance and personalize a gravesite with other services offered through the "Call In", "Annual Order" or "Endowment" programs below. Each method has a distinctive approach to providing that special touch.

Call In

You may select a product or service from the list below and phone in your order to (412) 321-0774 during regular office hours. (See the "Contact Us" page)

Annual Order

An Annual Order provides the product or service of your choice from the list below. The order is placed and filled automatically each year unless you cancel. You are invoiced each time a service is completed, perfect for the busy person.


Each year we decorate thousands of gravesites through the Endowment Program. An Endowment provides the product or service of your choice from the list below. A single payment is made at the onset of the program. Union Dale combines your payment with those of other Endowments in a common fund. The annual income from this fund is used to defray the cost of the care services. These services are provided on a continuing basis, thereby assuring your grave or lot will be cared for no matter where you are.

Floral Remembrances

Prices are subject to change

Easter Annual or Call In Endowment
Tulip, Lily, Daffodil, or Hyacinth Plant $11.50 $375
Cut Floral Bouquet $23.00 $575


Memorial Day Annual or Call In Endowment
Geranium Plant $5.10 $510 (4 plants)
Cut Floral Bouquet $23.00 $575

Geranium Plant

Special Date Bouquet

Cut Floral Bouquet
Christmas Annual or Call In Endowment
Spruce Blanket (with rosette at top of blanket) $68.00 $1500.00
Spruce Rosette (red thistle, white statice, pine cones) $28.00 $675
Decorated Wreath (red thistle, white statice, pine cones w/ bow) $28.00 $675
Red Bow Wreath $24.00 N/A

Spruce Blanket

Spruce Rosette

Decorated Wreath

Red Bow Wreath
Special Dates (Anniversary, Birthday,etc) Annual or Call In Endowment
SUMMER - Floral Bouquet $23.00 $575
FALL - Potted Mum Plant $11.00 $375
WINTER - Artificial Bouquet $23.00 $575
SPRING - Artificial Bouquet $23.00 $575
Ivy Grave Covering N/A $735

Headstone and Monument Services

Headstone cleaning is our most popular service under the Endowment Program. We keep your family's headstones looking their best whether they have been here for a few years or a century. Long ago, Pittsburgh was known as the "Smokey City" because of industrial air pollution. While our air is now clean, older monuments often wear the stains of pollution from the past. We can greatly improve the appearance of monuments with cleaning.

Cleaning, Straightening or Resetting - Minimum $20 - Please Call (412) 321-0774 for a Quote

Headstone Cleaning (Before)

Headstone Cleaning (After)

Special Grave Care Services

Reseeding or Reconditioning of Graves or Lots - Minimum $20 - Please Call (412) 321-0774 for a Quote